Vecchia Napoli Now Open!

Vecchia Napoli Now Open! - SkyParks

Vecchia Napoli – Pizzeria e Trattoria is NOW open at SkyParks Business Centre

Pizza e Passione! La vivanda scugnizza, the street urchin’s meal, has conquered tables around the world. Here at Vecchia Napoli we left no stone unturned in order to bring the very best of Neapolitan and the Italian Pizza to your table. The wood-burning oven, forno a legna, was constructed by maestro fornaiolo Ugo dall’Oglio, whose family has been in this trade for four generations. The wood used is slow burning beech or oak, cut down in sustainable woodlands.

Having learnt the trade from the masters, we have imported our essential ingredients; flour, tomato and mozzarella from Italy, from the same producers that supply them. We have done our best to offer an interesting choice of Pizza. Some traditional – amongst which is the Marinara, which most of you will be surprised to see has no fish or seafood! – as well as our own recipes. Similarly to the original Vecchia Napoli in Sliema, most of our antipasti, pasta dishes and secondi are either traditional dishes from Campania or cooked using typical ingredients of this most colourful of Italian regions.

At SkyParks Business Centre, our large kitchen allows us to offer a more extensive menu with a wider selection of dishes. Apart from a good choice of salads which we are sure the belle signorine working in our neighbourhood will savour, we are going beyond the borders of Campania, out across the sea and ocean to Lamerica as the several thousands of Neapolitan emigrants referred to the U.S.A. We are introducing juicy house – made beef burgers to this menu, all with an Italian flavour. We only use 100% prime beef from Scottona cattle – Scottona cattle are female bovines aged between 16 and 18 months old that have never been pregnant and their meat is beautifully marbled and extremely succulent.

Sweets are imported especially from the Costa Amalfitana or sourced from selected pasticcerie. The gelato artigianale is freshly made in Malta by a Sicilian maestro gelataio.

I Vini – Despite being a humble pizzeria, at Vecchia Napoli, we have sought to present our patrons with an interesting selection of wines at reasonable prices from Malta, Italy and other countries. We have moreover attempted to offer a good choice of wines from Campania – of which Naples is the regional capital. Whether drinking a glass of our house wine or a super Tuscan from further north, rest assured that each and every wine on our list has been carefully chosen. The wine we serve by the glass is produced by the distinguished winery of Feudi di San Gregorio.

If our introduction sounds grand then it is our passion running away with us. Our dishes are prepared simply and honestly in the age old traditions of Southern Italy

Bon Appetito!

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