Parking at SkyParks

Finding parking at SkyParks Business Centre. A number of underground parking spaces and further spaces are available at the MIA main car park and other parking areas adjacent to the building

Please note that the first 10 minutes of your stay are free. Should your stay exceed 10 minutes, the fee charged would correspond to the price indicated for the relevant time band. After the first 24 hours, guests will be charged €15 for every additional day.

Customers who are entitled to a discount from any one of the outlets at Malta International Airport or SkyParks Business Centre, are requested to note that, following the deduction of the complimentary minutes, they will be charged at the applicable rates shown below for the additional minutes.

Our Parking Rates are available below:

10 to 60 min €2.00
1 – 2 hours €3.00
2 – 3 hours €3.50
3 – 5 hours €7.00
5 – 12 hours €10.00
12 – 24 hours €15.00
Additional Days €15.00



Parking Procedures:

  1. Obtain a ticket from the automated ticket dispenser at the entrance of the car park: the ticket is the only valid document for exit.
  2. Vehicles must be parked anywhere within the car park except for the designated spaces in blue reserved for ‘Blue Badge’ holders.  For the consideration of others please park within the lines.
  3. Remember to carry your parking ticket within the terminal as you will need it to pay via the pay machines.
  4. The Pay stations are located on level -1 and at the reception on level 1 at SkyParks Business Centre. Alternatively, you may pay your parking ticket via the pay stations located outside the  Arrivals Hall, or in the Basement Tunnel at Malta International Airport, and within the main car park by the central fountain.
  5. Once the ticket is entered into the slot, the screen will illustrate the fee. For a receipt press the receipt button before inserting the money. Payment can be made by coins and €5/€10/ €20 notes. Payments by credit card can be made by Visa and MasterCard holders only.
  6. Once payment is complete, retrieve your ticket and return to your vehicle.
  7. To exit the car park, please insert your ticket into the automated machine. Once the ticket is scanned the barrier will rise to allow exit.
  8. If you experience a problem at the barrier, press the assistance button. Remote assistance will be provided by a member of staff.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. CCTV cameras are installed around the car park for security purposes. Read our CCTV Policy here.
  2. Vehicles must be parked within the parking lines.
  3. The use of car parking areas does not imply surveillance and guardianship.
  4. A fee for lost tickets applies.
  5. The Management is not responsible for damages, fire, theft or loss to vehicles and their content.

Making use of the car park signifies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions 

For further assistance please contact Airport Parking Ltd on telephone +356 2369 6475.