About Malta

Malta may appear as a mere dot on a map of the world, but its strategic position mid-way between Europe and North Africa has long attracted the attention of companies and businesses. Over thirty airlines operating from Malta International Airport ensure that the island enjoys an excellent connection to these two continents and to the rest of the world. In fact, tourism accounts for around 25 per cent of Malta’s GDP and has been registering year-on-year growth for the past years.

Over the years, the island has become increasingly attractive to foreign businesses, especially after its accession to the European Union in 2004. In spite of the fact that it is the smallest EU member, Malta boasts a solid business climate resulting from a robust financial services sector, favourable tax rates, and a host of other fiscal and financial incentives offered by the Government to businesses. On top of this, the country’s industrious and bilingual workforce is another major asset to any company setting up shop here and seeking to recruit skilled employees.

It is safe to say that Malta has also become a hotspot for gaming companies, following the 2004 enactment of comprehensive legislation governing remote gaming. This legislation, which put Malta at the forefront of online gaming regulation, provides a number of incentives, such as reduced rates of tax on personal income, refunds on dividend, and double taxation relief, for operators working within the industry. Moreover, Malta’s tax rates are recognised as some of the most competitive in the world.

Heightening the island’s appeal to many foreigners is the clement weather, which enables one to enjoy a number of outdoor activities throughout the year. Furthermore, Malta’s packed calendar of yearly events, ranging from village festas to open-air concerts, will surely keep you occupied after office hours!

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