NextBike Station

What is NextBike?

Nextbike Malta is the license operator of the new innovative way to cycle your way around the island. An ideal climate-friendly solution to close gaps in network and timetables of buses. The Public Bike Sharing system from all around the world is now in Malta with bikes available 24/7.

Whether you are a business traveller aiming to reduce travelling time, a tourist on the Island ready to explore the area or a student ready to boost your well-being, we offer a low cost, convenient way to travel about. Just register by downloading the nextbike app or signing up on this website. By subscribing to a membership plan you get unlimited 30 minutes rides for free!

Link to check where your nearest nextbike terminal can be located –

How it works?

4 easy steps:

  1. Register once via App, Terminal or hotline +356 20996666 to ride in all nextbike cities and countries. Payment can be done by Credit Card or Direct Debit
  2. Rent bike via App, Terminal and hotline
  3. Enter bike number (given upon rental) to open bike lock with displayed code
  4. Return bike by locking it at an official nextbike station and confirm return via App, terminal or hotline

Prices can be found here.

Contact nextbike on or +356 2099 6666.

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